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Frequently Asked Questions on American English Science and Medical Writing and Editing

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Do I really need a scientific editing service?
Do you want to be 100% certain that you are accurately conveying the results of your scientific research using impeccable American English in a document or presentation that is concise and organized?

Journal standards for English grammar have risen in recent years, and frequently, a manuscript will not even be reviewed if it is poorly written. Similarly, if your presentation or grant does not immediately capture the attention of your peers or reviewers, the significance of your hard work will be lost. With the exponential increase in the amount of scientific information that is now available, it becomes even more essential that scientists communicate in the most compelling way.

Can you be certain that your colleagues will not be distracted by errors in grammar and punctuation, or unrelated thoughts and disorganized hypotheses that may be present in your grant, journal article or conference presentation? If you want to ensure that the impact of your research is effectively communicated and clearly understood by the scientific community, then you will definitely benefit from our services. Even native English-speaking scientists would gain from assistance in communicating scientific results using clear, perfect American English.

When compared with the high cost of performing scientific research and the years it takes to build a body of scientific work, the cost of writing or editing your document is nominal compared to the benefit you and your work will receive in being understood and respected in the international scientific community.


Why choose The Isis Group?
Not only will we proofread your document and edit it for American English grammar, spelling and style, but we will also go the “extra mile” and edit for scientific clarity and content, improve the flow of the manuscript, and ensure the presentation of your work is consistent and concise. We also provide you with suggestions and comments to enhance your manuscript.

Papers submitted to journals in the United States should be edited by native American English-speaking scientific professionals in the United States. Similarly, presentations or posters to be given at conferences worldwide would strongly benefit from using a credible American English scientific editing service. Using a more economical (basic) English editing service will only result in a slightly improved version of your document or presentation, solely based on simple proofreading, and essentially ignoring the flow of scientific ideas presented in the paper. The Isis Group is a team of highly experienced scientists that will not only improve the use of the American English language, but will help you create a precise and unambiguous scientific document.

The Isis Group offers:

  • Premium American English science and medical writing and editing services for all types of documents
  • American editors with Ph.D. degrees and extensive experience in scientific research and communications
  • A scientific writing and editing service that goes beyond correcting American English grammar and punctuation, providing you with suggested changes to improve the flow and scientific clarity of the document
  • The fastest turnaround times in the industry for a manuscript or journal article (2-4 days) – we work weekends!
  • A high-value service for your money



How much do you charge?
Each document is different in terms of the level of editing that is required. Therefore, we do not charge by the page or word, but by the hour. Our current rate for American English scientific editing of documents is $75 USD per hour, plus an administrative fee of $25 USD per document.

In general, documents that require a modest amount of editing can be finished at a rate of 4-5 double-spaced pages per hour, while a document that requires an extensive amount of editing may be completed at a rate of 2-3 double-spaced pages per hour.

If you would prefer to have a more accurate determination of the cost to edit your manuscript, please provide us with the abstract or the first page of your document and we will give you a free no-obligation quotation and an edited version of your document within 24-48 hours. Visit our free trial page to upload your sample document.

Please inquire about our rates for our other services.


If The Isis Group edits my manuscript, do you guarantee acceptance into the journal of my choice?
The Isis Group will edit your manuscript according to the highest standards in the industry and it is our goal to significantly improve your chances of being accepted for publication. However, we did not design and perform the experiments – the quality of the scientific content is entirely yours. More importantly, we are not the peer reviewers or editors for your journal of choice. We do guarantee, however, that your manuscript will not be rejected solely due to poor English grammar.


Where do I begin?
Visit our Contact Us page to upload your document and figures, which must be in Microsoft Word, Excel or Power Point format.

If you would like us to edit your manuscript or journal article, please provide the tables, figures and figure legends with your document. These items help the editors at The Isis Group to not only edit the text of the document, but also provide you with changes and comments on your scientific document as a whole. If you would like our editors to conform the format of your manuscript and/or references to the journal’s specifications or double-check the citations in PubMed, please indicate this and provide us with the name of the journal where you are submitting your manuscript.

If you would like us to compile a poster presentation from your data, please provide us with all electronic files containing the data you wish to present, as well as other supporting details, and the required poster dimensions from the conference you will be attending.

If you would like us to assist you in writing your manuscript or grant from your data, please provide us with all electronic files containing the data you wish to submit, as well as other supporting details, and the journal name or relevant information from the granting agency.


What do I get back after submitting my scientific manuscript or journal article to The Isis Group for editing?
The Isis Group will edit your document according to the highest American English standards, and provide you with changes and comments to improve the flow and scientific clarity of the document.

Within 2-4 days, you will receive two documents: your “original” document with changes highlighted and comments inserted using the “track changes” feature of Microsoft Word, and an “accepted” document with all changes accepted and comments deleted, ready for submission.

Inquire about our tutorial on using the “track changes” feature of Microsoft Word.


My manuscript was accepted by the journal with revisions. What can you offer me if The Isis Group previously edited the manuscript?
The Isis Group will carefully edit the revised sections of your manuscript as well as the author’s reply to the reviewer’s comments for a reduced fee.


What is your turnaround time?
We have one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry for journal articles and grants. We typically return your edited manuscript to you within 2-4 days, and we work weekends!

For expedited service (1-2 day turnaround time and depending on availability), we charge a 25% fee.


When do you require payment?
We do not require prepayment. Payment is due upon receipt of your edited document.

The Isis Group accepts payment by personal or certified check, money order, or purchase order in US dollars (preferred) or PayPal (via the link at the bottom of each wepage).


What is your privacy policy?
All conversations, emails, documentation and any other verbal or written exchanges with The Isis Group are kept confidential. Additionally, your contact information is used solely to communicate with you about your document and is not shared with any third parties.

All of our editors sign a confidentiality agreement with The Isis Group, and we will gladly sign the agreement from your institution or company as well. Our editors have no conflict of interest with any submission.


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