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English Editing Services

"Thank you so much. I'm very pleased with the edited version. I feel like "all the crooked sentences were straightened up" upon your touch. Superb!!"

E.L., University, China

"Thank you for editing the abstract of my manuscript. It was so useful. Any way, I will be glad to use your complete editing services."

M.N., University, Middle East

"I read through the revised manuscript. It was quite satisfactory, even though it was filled with millions of bloody-corrections. English is still a big barrier to me."

K.K., University, Korea

Grant Writing Services

"The Isis Group, and Dr. Laura Hales in particular, is knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient – great assets when trying to submit a grant application within tight deadlines.  We have used the Isis Group for a several grant submissions and each time we have been impressed by their scientific/technical expertise, eloquence, extensive knowledge of various grants and submittal processes, and the ability to marshal all the key elements for an effective grant submittal.  The Isis Group has consistently provided us with a grant submission that is highly polished and has a much needed competitive edge."

S.M., biotechnology company, Princeton, NJ

"I recently asked Laura for help with writing a grant.  Because she was trained as a scientist and has many years experience as a technical writer, Laura provided me with great quality work in spite of the short notice.  She not only exceeded my expectations, but I also found her to be friendly, articulate, and a great person to work with.  I strongly recommend her."

K.O., biotechnology company, Boston, MA

"The Isis Group's grant writing services are top of the notch.  Laura is professional, easy to interact with and she has experience writing grants to a variety of funding agencies. I highly recommend the services."

M.M., biotechnology company, Boston, MA