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American English Science Writing and Editing

The Isis Group provides exceptional American English science writing and editing assistance to the international scientific community.

As a leading scientist in your field, you invest precious time and grant money assembling a comprehensive body of scientific data. Why risk that the significance of your work will not be understood or even worse, that a journal rejects your article outright because the results are not communicated in a clear, concise way?

Ensure that you are accurately conveying the significance of your work in a scientific manuscript, journal article, SBIR grant or conference presentation by using grammatically correct American English.

The Isis Group assists international scientists in academia and in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the writing and editing of all types of scientific and medical documents. We also have a wide range of additional communications and scientific consulting services.

Let us help you write or edit your scientific documents so that they are clear, concise and compelling to read. Contact us, or send us a portion of your document for a free trial edit.

The Isis Group is committed to providing you with the highest quality American English science writing and editing assistance to effectively communicate the results of your scientific research.